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Review Amsterdam International Art Fair 2015

Amsterdam Art Fair

NEARLY 6000 visitors entered the Beurs van Berlage when it staged the first Amsterdam International Art Fair by the Global Art Agency, over the weekend of 28-29 August 2015. 

The Graanbeurs Hall of the venue was packed with 135 exhibitors from over 30 countries from around the world and the atmosphere was charged with energy as visitors took in the wide range of unique art available and took pieces they had purchased home to adorn a living or work space wall. Artists and galleries reported bustling trade during the two day free art event, with many making multiple sales and receiving commissions on original paintings, sculptures, photography, prints and illustrations.


Shane Bowden

US based artist Shane Bowden originally from Australia also known as "Andy Warhol on Steroids" was happy to have a complete sell-out show at the Amsterdam International Art Fair. 

Amsterdam International Art Fair

Artist Felix Zekveld from the Netherlands said "I had an amazing time at the Amsterdam Int'l Art Fair 2015. I met many potential clients. I sold work, and afterwards I received a few mails from galeries who were interested in my work. Everything was arranged perfectly."

UK InVogue Art Gallery sold three artworks within the first hour of the Fair. "It was a very successful event and an amazing crowd. We were very happy to take part and are looking forward to the next event organised by the Global Art Agency which will be the Oxford International Art Fair" said the gallery owner. 

Amsterdam Art Fair

The panel of judges; world renowned sculptor Ruurd Hallema, award-winning artist Loes van Delft and famous Amsterdam artist Henk Veen had a tough decision on making their shortlist of best Amsterdam International Art Fair exhibitor. Lola Lonli was one of the exhibitors that stood out to the jury. Her artwork 'Legend of Golden Snake' especially that was made with a second 'hidden' layer that reveals another painting underneath when shining a blacklight on it. 


The Global Art Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday announcing the "Best Amsterdam International Art Fair Artist 2015". 1st place: Gregory Emvy (Russia), 2nd place: Camilla Ancilotto (Italy), 3rd place Jeff Murray (UK). 

Jeff Murray (left), Gregory Emvy (center), Camilla Ancilotto (right)

Jeff Murray (left), Gregory Emvy (center), Camilla Ancilotto (right)

Gregory made a spectacular entrance with the film crew of UK TV 'Channel 4' making a documentary of his exhibition at the Amsterdam Int'l Art Fair. It was his artworks and latest project "Human Souls" that caught the eyes of the judges. In his inimitable style, using oil colour painted hospital X-Rays, Gregory Emvy transports viewers on a macabre and mesmerising journey, portraying nihilistic and metaphorical life stories to create chapters that reveal equal measures of joyful and harrowing intrigue.

Global Art Awards

His eclectic style helped him carry off the title, ahead of Camilla Ancilotto presenting a spectacular 3d oil painting that has a wooden triangular base in mosaic style titled "San Sebastian". "The two meter tall art installation is original, and never seen before" commented Jury member Ruurd Hallema. 

Third place Best Amsterdam International Art Fair Artist Jeff Murray - who was also a hit at the recent Miami Art Expo - managed to enchant also at this event the visitors with his amazing detailed illustrations. Jeff captures continents, countries and cities into the finest details with his amazing drawings, getting through hundreds of pens and hours to complete one artwork. "The result is amazing" commented jury member Henk Veen. 

Organisers of the fair, Joëlle Dinnage and her business partner Natal Vallvé from the Global Art Agency added their appreciation to the city’s reaction to the event and the enthusiasm they found from artists and visitors alike.

“The Amsterdam International Art Fair was a great success, with an amazing atmosphere and a real buzz throughout the weekend,” said Joëlle. “We are very happy with how it all went. The footfall was great, there was a genuine excitement across the whole fair and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Importantly, the artists and galleries had a successful show, selling works, making commissions and simply making connections, which is what the essence of the event is all about. We want to connect artists with people who appreciate art, whether they’re expert collectors or just starting out."

“We’ll be back for more in 2016 and are already planning next year’s event,” she said.

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Nieuwe internationale kunstbeurs brengt Street Art naar Amsterdam

Persbericht // Augustus 2015

Werk te zien van Street Art legendes Banksy, Mr Brainwash, Shepard Fairey en Shane Bowden

Op 28 en 29 augustus vindt de internationale kunstbeurs Amsterdam International Art Fair plaats
in de Beurs van Berlage te Amsterdam. Ruim 150 exposanten tonen onder meer werk van
bekende en opkomende schilders, beeldhouwers, fotografen en Street Art kunstenaars uit de
Verenigde Staten, Australië, Frankrijk, België, Engeland, Iran en Nederland. Het accent ligt op
hedendaagse kunst met een speciale focus op Street Art. Zo zijn er werken te zien van de Street
Art legendes Shane Bowden (AUS) en Mr Brainwash (F). De beurs is een initiatief van Global Art Agency en zet, na succesvolle edities in Wenen, Tokyo, Miami en Oxford, voet aan de grond in Amsterdam.

Organisatoren Joëlle Dinnage en Natal Vallve
“we merken dat er bijzonder veel interesse is voor het kopen van en investeren in hedendaagse kunst. Met 150 exposanten uit meer dan 30 landen biedt de Amsterdam International Art Fair een mooi platform voor de Nederlandse liefhebber van hedendaagse kunst."

Op de beurs worden onder meer werken getoond van de volgende (inter)nationale kunstenaars:
. Souren Mousavi (UK): gevluchte Iraanse kunstenares wiens werk raakvlakken heeft met Frida Khalo en Salvador Dali.
. Mr Brainwash (F): Pop graffiti kunstenaar en filmmaker, actief vanuit Los Angeles.
. Shane Bowden (AUS): Street Art kunstenaar, wordt ook ‘Andy Warhol on steroids’ genoemd.
. Loes van Delft (NL): haar creaties bieden een mix van cartoon, Pop Art en illustraties.
. Blair Martin Cahill (UK): Britse multimedia kunstenares afkomstig uit de filmwereld.
. Henk Veen (NL): zijn werken van spuitverf en acrylverf zijn geïnspireerd op de stad Amsterdam.
. Glenn Bracke (B): fotograaf en beeldhouwer. Zijn foto’s van celebrities als Grace Jones, Alain Delon en Shaggy zijn recent geëxposeerd op het Festival de Cannes.
. Live schilderperformance van kunstenares Christine Walters (USA) op de muziek van DJ Lady Luxxx. 

Bekijk alle exposanten hier.

Amsterdam International Art Fair 2015

. 28 en 29 augustus 2015.
. Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, Amsterdam.
. Vrijdag 28 augustus: vernissage met champagne receptie van 18.00 uur tot 21.00 uur (€ 10,-).
. Zaterdag 29 augustus: openingstijden van 11.00 uur tot 17.00 uur (gratis entree).
. Kaartverkoop via de website of aan de kassa.
. Meer informatie via

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