KEIKO IMAIZUMI brings Japanese traditional UKIYO-E style to amsterdam.

KeikoImaizumi_1_Petite Automne de Paris.jpeg

Keiko Imaizumi (born in Tokyp, Japan. Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada) will be exhibiting at the Amsterdam International Art Fair 2017

"I am an interpreter for the air what it says there. I see the soul in everything and in everyone and want to describe what they want to say. For the result I photograph them and listen to them there and retouch them as a picture with a touch of Japanese traditional UKIYO-E style.

KeikoImaizumi_2_Blue Tofino.jpeg

What is my definition of art?

A voice out of the bottom of my heart.

Where do I get the inspiration?

Nature, nature and nature.

How do I deal with artist’ block?


It’s like a vitamin. We need it when we feel more relaxed, happy and fulfilled.

Where do I see my art going in ten years?

My art will involve more material, more people, more international relations and more, because my art will grow with people, time and space.

Can I tell you what I have going on right now?


I am trying to use a typical Japanese material bamboo paper for my work for different touching for art media between photograph and picture.

I know my artwork is finished when….?

My artwork never finishes. Always next one is better.


Best commissioned art work ever done was?

In my first exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo,Japan

Which are my favourite artist?

Claude Monet

Best exhibition ever participated in Tokyo International Art Fair 2017 in Hikarie, Shibuya, Tokyo

Greatest achievement so far?

Photo session for Japanese Emperor and Empress in Canada 2009. Would love to exhibit my work in the Metropolitan Museum in Boston.