Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu breathing mysteries into her works of art


Ruxandra Cristina Bocin-Dumitriu (born in Romania, living in Amsterdam)

"I am an artist. A human being that explores life with awe and curiosity, with perseverance and delicacy so to be able to breathe its mysteries into works of art."

My works come out of these epiphany moments, delicate balances of momentous closeness between two separate entities: the viewer and the portrayed, the performer and the observer. Be it photography, etching, installations or hybrid dancing; be it portraiture or abstraction, my work contemplates intimacy.

What drives you? 

Intimacy is my drive. I long for the intimate connection, that brief moment that makes the world comprehensible, when two personal spaces interact and disagree, mixing their vulnerabilities and powers.

Having both classical art academic formation as well as computer science and automation, I am at ease in both digital and classical media. I am not attached to any given medium, but choose the one that is able to breathe my powerful thought into existence.

What is your definition of art?

Art is mystery. In creating, the artist is crudely exploring her own depth, darkness and light and turns them into tangible gasping moments for the world to explore. It’s freedom and fragility in one.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

Beside the feature of THE PERCEPTiVE I ( art performance installation with hybrid forms of dance) at the THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0, and the participation at the AIAF 2017 in Amsterdam August 25th-26th, I am currently getting DIALOGUE photographic series ready for the participation at the Berlin exhibition “Once upon a time” in September 9th - 30th, 2017 at Marzia Frozen Gallery. The opening will be on September 9th, and takes part in the series of art events to happen in Berlin during the Berlin Art Week. 

Which are your favorite artists?

Malevich for the massive abstraction power of his white and black squares and Brancusi for being able to catch the essence of natural form within abstract means. Magritte for the semiotics, Vermeer for his mastery in creating intimate spaces and Velasquez for his subtle dissolution of spaces. Marianne Amacher for her breath-taking work ‘TEO! A sonic sculpture’ that brilliantly broke through a new art medium – the inner ear.

Would love to exhibit my work in …


Come and see Ruxandra's photography art at the Amsterdam International Art Fair 25-26 August 2017 at the Beurs van Berlage, Damrak, Amsterdam. Ruxandra will be at allocation stand #051.

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Twitter: @braincap

Facebook: RuxandraBocinDumitriu